Round 15 2022 Non Essendon Games and 90s Gladiators Chat


Daniher and Brown both trying to kick over the goal posts, both missing.

Dont miss his goal kicking


Mediocre 2MP kicks them

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I don’t miss anything about him.

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A grade douche bag

Lookin forward to perko absolutely drilling joe at some point.

Like his tackle on Ryder

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The very same!

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Snake spent 20 seconds milling about doing nothing within 5m of the ball after a pathetic ruck effort.

He’s a joke

Dees are not playing good footy atm. Lions are all over them but cannot seem to kick straight.

Neale gives little push, marks on the boundary, finds a target with a bullet pass. Another shot, another miss, hit the post.

Why couldnt we get this Melbourne haha

BT Maccas add lols

This years premiership will be one of the worst in modern history.

Absolute dross quality teams this year.

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So bad that Carlton can win it

Did :snake: just get a free for a dive then?

Oh, so now the ■■■■ gets free kicks for being sragged by May?

Daniher already restoring to flopping

Didnt get those free kicks at Essendon