Round 15 Essendon v Collingwood @ Victoria Park, 11:45am Sunday 30 July 2017

Radio 3DJR will be covering the first quarter of the game…

B: 49. M. Dea, 50. J. Ferry, 10. A. Francis
HB: 27. M. Redman, 29. P. Ambrose, 14. J. Ridley
C: 34. J. Long, 5. B. Stanton, 19. K. Mutch
HF: 30. K. Langford, 51. A. Boyse, 40. B. Howlett
F: 20. J. Merrett, 44. S. McKernan, 16. J. Begley

R: 22. M. Leuenberger, 24. C. Bird, 39. H. Hocking

Int: 64. C. Lill, 38. S. Draper, 62. M. Luxford, 65. B. Graham, 59. A. Heppell, 66. K. Strachan, 57. N. Hind, 54. N. O’Brien, 25. A. Morgan, 69. A. Marklew, 55. D. Younan, 63. M. Darby

23P: 68. E. Ogden


In: Ridley, potentially a bunch of others but definitely including a new 23rd man
Out: Clarke, The Traveller

In Out In Out: Francis

Collingwood don’t have many injuries either – but they do have a hooker at full back.

B: 40. J. Smith, 63. M. ■■■■, 31. J. Ramsay
HB: 14. J. Aish, 23. L. Keeffe, 12. M. Scharenberg
C: 26. J. Daicos, 13. T. Adams, 21. T. Phillips
HF: 11. J. Blair, 9. J. White, 29. T. Broomhead
F: 27. K. Kirby, 45. M. Lynch, 16. C. Mayne

R: 46. M. Cox, 19. L. Greenwood, 17. C. Brown

Int: 57. A. Close, 55. R. Pendlebury, 61. N. Gray, 48. L. Tardrew, 65. L. Howe, 67. M. Smith, 58. K. Beveridge, 47. G. Borthwick, 62. A. Indovino, 64. C. Lane, 66. D. Hinkley, 53. J. Hellier

23P: 68. M. La Fontaine

Why haven’t the usual Keilor freaks come in here to go on about Eamonn Ogden?

(21yo, 179cm, 77kg, back pocket or up the field.)

Like the suburb, hate the club.

Per the VFL clearance list, we’ll be playing HepA, Hind, and Nobby from the bench.

Which makes a total of 6 VFL-listed players and hence one AFL player is missing out (presumably as the emergency at Docklands).


Some surprise changes here. Dea is the AFL emergency.

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It’s HepA Watch today. Go captain!

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Can anyone remind me why HepA has hype on here? He’s smallish, slowish and doesn’t have particularly good skills?

Brian Graham will fit in well at Victoria Park.

Has a crack.

The new Hams?

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Was very good last year.

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Crowd here just over 100.

Scheduling FAIL.


Finals efforts were excellent. I like him, but he’s just missing that last piece.

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Of HepA, Ridley and Francis during warmup: Ridley marks at the highest point.

Nobby here, no obvious injury.

I really like Ridley.
I’m not sure how he fits into the senior side, but it seems obvious it will happen sooner rather than later and I’m excited to find out.


Farkers cut off our theme half-way through.

Hope it was deliberate.
Should be more of it.