Round 16 2022 Non Essendon Games

Oh yeah there’s a game tonight

Thursday night footy :ok_hand:

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Lol at Kennedy needing to be managed after we gifted him the easiest bag of 5 he’ll ever kick.


OUT: Kennedy (laughter)


Well there ya go, no idea there was a game on tonight

neither did the people of brisbane either it seems

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I get so irrationally angry seeing that runt cody fkn weightman.

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Sack Quinn! Zorko redone his hammy in the first 5 mins.

Murphy would be so proud.

Wow that is bad.

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Apparently Weightman has gone down to the rooms.

Might watch The Man from Toronto.

This music they play in between goals is the worst idea imaginable.


You mean ducked down to the rooms, right?


Would have been a nice Joe goal

I’m struggling to understand the HD part of the c7 logo on the screen.

You mean the bit meant to look like the Olympic flame?

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Oh is that what it is? I had no idea.

Edit: The Olympics were on not too long ago weren’t they? Are they advertising already? Almost makes Hot Cross Buns on Boxing Day look sensible.

Yeah they just wack the HD under it

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Actually it would be comm games

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very nice snap by Libba

sized it up beautifully