Round 16 2023 Non Essendon Games

Play stopped because Charlie bit his tongue.

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Does everyone feel the love for the comms Richmond fappage?

That’s a new thing this year, BT has been sooking about all year.

■■■■ off :snake::snake::snake:


Lol eat a ■■■■ Grimes


Before the bounce changed my margin tip to 49 for Bris Vegas should romp this in

Richmond fappage appropriate because Brisbane are the ones scoring

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But the sweet sickiness for Cochin love :thinking:
No ■■■■■■■ Way!

That would be deliberate 99% of the time

Just FYI: Dusty isn’t playing.

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It was “insufficient intent” not called

Just as that one handed throw was not called

4 umpires have fixed the issue

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Ashcroft in his first year and already is big

We need to draft more players with size

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We did but they’re injured.

Are you sure? The call team hasn’t mentioned this.

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Hobbs and Perkins only two i can think off that have size when they were drafted

I’m talking Setterfield.

Only had one kick, why mention him

Pickett tries to steal a mark

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Actully forgot we have him

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