Round 16 2023 Non Essendon Games

Looks like McCarthy might be on the sidelines for a week.

Jumper punch got him flush

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I was actually expecting an AFL commentator to say that

Week for sure

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It should be, but things don’t always pan out that way.

Penny for your thoughts for either McClug or McGrath?
Taranto…what might have been?


21 Infront, that 49 looks pretty sweet.

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Smash them Lions.

I want plenty of Tiger pain tonight.

Lions are the biggest BS team in the league! Without the home ground advantage, they are dogshit.


Which player is the better of the 3. Which player should we have taken & which is actually making more of an impact for their team rather than collecting pumped up stats?

How many top 4 finishes and they still didnt make it to the final day or win a flag

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Willmott intercepts a blind kick out of the Tiges defence, and converts after the siren.
1/4 time.
BL 4.6 - 30
RT 1.3 - 9
Took them a little while to get organized but the the Lions kicked into gear. Tiges lacking midfield and forward presence. It looks like their defence is going to be in for a torrid time.

I will answer and think McGrath has been the best fit for us, if it was Neale a different story, Meh Taranto

Wow, maybe the beers but just read that text in half speed mode

Geepers, this thread, just stick to the game.

■■■■■■■ heaps

It’s home & hosed.

How come ? Taranto, Cockchin Hopper an Nank?

Acutally preferd Tarranto at the time.

We wasted a few years trying to turn McGrath into a mid im happy that he’s back in his rightful spot and playing well