Round 16 2023 Non Essendon Games

Lol shut up Joe.

Thats the right choice :smile:

I love the highlights of the throw to McClug.

suck a fat one :snake:

He’s dropped off wonder whats happened

Playing worse than WEEIIIDDDDDD!!!

I am going to make a captain obvious call, but if you shut down Neale you go a long way to stopping the Lions. Tigers are not doing that.

Im surprised he kicked straight

Nursing a niggle I believe.

So tigers another team thats sufferd from the bye

Hopefully its gets Port

Nah he has been pretty poor all year. He is not nursing anything more than most players.

Well he’s too handball happy & his tackling fuel has dropped off the chart, then he puts one through…

This turning into a smashing

Are you suggesting tagging him

3 umpires all in the same place and not one them could tell that it obviously came off a Lions players foot. They knew it was OOTF but couldn’t decide which team it was. 3 of them!! And it turns into a Lions goal.

Farking incompetent fools.

David King had Richmond finishing 5th on the ladder as his prediction this week.



His set shot kicking is much improved this season, goal # 5. McKenna gets into the goal kicking act from the 50. BL goal # 6.

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His richmond bias is sickening

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Jayden short off with a hammy.

Thats it Brissy belt them

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