Round 16 Non Essendon Games. Return of the Nuggs

I prefer Thursday to Monday.

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That would just allow the AFL to give us 21 6 day breaks in a row.

8 games a week watching teams I hate? Thanks, but no thanks.

Not sure but Sydney won this one:

Let’s hope the umps jump on the Sydney bandwagon. Percentage, baby!

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how many goal FRAAAAANKLIN for @Diggers

Never amazes me how much the umpires look after the swans.

Has it been raining in Sydney? Hmmmm

How goods the commentary from hame?

fair backhander to mccartin snr.

The night we want Geelong to bring one of their performances that we’ve become used to seeing against us the last couple of years***… and they bring their best footy!

Get ■■■■■■!

*** it’s so good saying that now because they owned us for so long!

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Swans getting one short early is helping, and should do moreso as it goes on.

Go Cats, … keep it up farken …

4x goals

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Why would you cheer for Cats? Sydney are guaranteed top 8. Geelong aren’t


Ahh, got it arsse about.

Thought matt was saying we wanted Geelong to win. Scratch that then, … :smirk:

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Sydney bog average. Richmond to go back to back, maybe against Collingwood

WTF is Josh Gibson wearing

People will say he’s finished but wouldn’t mind Dan Hannerbury.

Is only 27 and will slot in our midfield,a change of club might reinvigorate his career.

Didn’t hear,or therefore see him.

You are a troll account arent you?

At Nino not BSD

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Fox footy, checked blazer, pocket handerchief combo. Looked more flamboyant than Matt Preston

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