Round 16 Non Essendon Games. Return of the Nuggs

insert “Oh yeah theres a game tonight” here



This comment is too focused on footy and not enough on nuggets so I apologise in advance.

But we obviously need Sydney to beat Geelong, Richmond to beat Adelaide and Doggies to beat the Hawks.

I’d love for North and Melbourne to lose as well but I can’t see the Suns and Freo beating them.

What’s the best result for us out of Eagles vs GWS?

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I never think about those things. (How other teams’ results affect us, I mean. I occasionally think about nuggets.)

We have to be able to beat everyone if we’re going to be successful. And if we do win all our games we’ll make the finals and win the flag.



Last weeks OP was far more detailed and informative.

Ya just get the feeling, that Scotty is going thru the motions…don’t ya barnz ?


You just feel that the next nug is soooo important, don’t you?


What’s with all the Thursday night games at the moment

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Leading out of Byes the AFL have been able to manufacture some 6 day breaks, with Fri night footy helping.

I believe this is the last one.

You will ALL watch Thursday night football, and you will ALL like it

They’d play games seven days a farken week if they could


That’s true in most cases but if those teams don’t drop at least one game, then even if we win every game, we still won’t make finals.

Some of them have to. They play one another so they can’t all always win.

I like Thursday night footy. Should be a regular imo


swans v cats tonight
who wins?

Are you askingWHY there are Thursday night games?


Hopefully Swans. But Cats have a few good inclusions.

Me too, saves me from having to talk to my family

Assuming Patton is out for the year, then we would want WCE to win? GWS have a tough run home with no forward line and I think a game and a half behind west coast?

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Eagles win. Unlikely we will catch WCE on the ladder, however we could get GWS. Only a game and a half back with 8 left…

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I tipped GWS, still not so sure about WCE

They missing Kennedy, Darling, LeCras and now Ryan from their fwd line.

Had a lot of the ball versus Crows last week & inside 50’s but they can’t score.

Patton hasnt been great, only kicked 1 last week against Hawks after being out of side for weeks anyway. Lobb kicked 3 playing as a fwd. Not sure who they will bring in now though.

Would be better for us if WC won however

Saturday day, Saturday night, Sunday day, Sunday night, weekday nights x 5. Done, make it happen AFL.

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GWS no Cameron or Patton. Leading goalkickers left are Langdon and Griffen who’ve kicked 12-13 each