Round 16 speculation on changes vs the AFL Protected post climbing bin chickens to resume Sunday

Out: Tbell, Begley
In: Not Zac Clark, Snelling

OUT: Brown, Bellchambers
IN: Stringer, Z. Clarke (we have no other option but to. Smack can’t be number 1 ruck)

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In b4 this thread gets shutdown :slight_smile:

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Not turkeys. BIN CHICKENS!

edit: who was it who came up with that? It’s a cracker!

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My kid knew what a bin chicken was before she knew what an Ibis was. True story.


In : Zerk or stringer if fit
Out : TBC

Smack to ruck with hooker a chop out

guilty, your honour.

Nice one, congrats! I chuckle at every mention of it!!


So glad we used our midseason draft replacement pick (for our injured ruckman) on a 5 foot mid. Anyone know if Snelling can ruck?

Buddy is out for 3-4 weeks. ( Sorry Diggers ) .

So its time to move Hooker forward and bring Zerk in to take Sydneys alternative forward; Reid?

I would prefer to debut Zerk than use Brown down back.

The jury is still out on Marty who will be better for the run, but he is not back to where he was 2 years ago yet.

We can always move Hooker back if required. Often he goes back at the end of quarters anyway when playing forward.

Out: Bellcho, Begley, Brown (if stringer fit)
In: Zlarke, Snelling, Stringer (if fit)

Anyone know the extent of Ambrose’s injury?

In. Stringer, Hartley,guelfi.zclarke, AND THE BOOING OF RAMPE
Out. Bellcho Begley dclarke(unlucky but swans don’t have anyone worth a tag) Brown

SĂ ad Hartley Francis
McKenna Hurley Redman
Zaka parish Heppell
Stringer hooker tippa
Raz smack lav
Dclarke Merrett Shiel
McGrath Langford guelfi Gleeson
Mozzie brown Snelling dclarke

And of course the bloke we were going to take in the mid season draft was taken a pick or two before us by none other than the Bin Chickens themselves… and he’s wallowing in the NEAFL.

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Out: Begley, Tippa, belly
In: Clark, string, ham

corked hammy. named in the VFL for Sunday.

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Which, coincidentally, is on Sunday, in the future.