Round 17 Non Essendon Games

Always easier to enjoy the rest of the round after a big Friday win.

Losing coach of GC and Collingwood is done me thinks


yes but it’s kind of ■■■■■■ that those 2 games we dropped would have had us safe in the top 4, not hoping Sydney return to their shittier start of season form.

The following need to FOAD this weekend

West Coast
Luke Hodge


Fark Carlton can definitely make themselves useful in the coming weeks.

But that applied last week too, and the softcocks softcocked it then.

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I reckon Eade would want out by now.

What a massive own goal by GC.

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Hawthorn getting turned over in Hodges 300th would be amazing

And Hodge suspended.




Can eat his lite n easy and feel good about himself

Whilst limping

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Deliberate, high impact, to the head, courageously.

As a 95th offence, a 22 match sanction applies. Due to the player’s applicable record of courage, he can accept a fine of $500 with a courageously early plea of courageous.

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300th game for a “club champion” and their ■■■■ ■■■■ fan still don’t turn up.

Now Jake, “That club is ■■■■■■”

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Scrappy start 3-6 Hawks mid 1st

Geelongington and Hawthington at the min

15-6 cats. Razor Ray is red hot on HTB in this one

Dangerfield hurt.

Straight to the rooms.

Looks like a bad one

Looked very similar to Cripps last week

Thank ■■■■ I’m not a doctor. Danger back and running the boundary

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G 21 H 20 QT
P 6 K 0 15:00 left 1st

Danger back off. Looking very proppy

G 42 H 47 2:00 2nd
P 49 K 12 18:00 2nd