Round 17 Tip The Bloos and You're a Bum Non-Essington Games

That’s right. Go for Fark FC this week and you’re a bum.

That is two seriously irrelevant teams.


If the swans tank hard enough they can still get pick 1 or 2

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I hate myself for agreeing with you.


@Heffsgrrl… In another life, we would get along.

West Coke are going to make an absolute mess of Collingwood and its going to be ■■■■■■■ great


After your efforts in the FLOG thread, I think not :slight_smile:


For whom the Belll Tollllls, Time marches ON.

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Collingwood always jag these backs to the wall interstate wins.

If it’s not tonight it will be next week away v GWS.


Those pregame flashing lights on the players faces, is that some kind of commemorative Ben Cousins running from the cops new stadium thing?

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NicNat giving Grundy a bath so far.

Natanui is such a good tap ruckman. His athleticism is just ridiculous.


Agree, they actually have a great record interstate

One of my favourite non-Essendon players.

Seems like a great guy off field too. Good sense of humour.

absolute think tank of a commentary team right now.

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It’s the sort of game where Collingwood are going to respond hard. They don’t often lose 3 in a row and I think they will throw the kitchen sink at the Eagles tonight - win, lose or draw… plus their interstate form is usually strong. Early signs are they are up for the contest.

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Cameron with 3 goals already! What pick did he get taken with?

Extremely envious of WC’s functioning forward setup.


3 talls … 3 smalls and really it’s 4 with one off the bench. Just buzzing everywhere.

I remember Essendon having a similar forward line once upon a time with Jetta, Davey and Lovett with Dempsey and Lovett-Murray running from the back.
Great days.