Round 18 vs Footscray @ Windy Hill, 12 Noon Saturday 19 August 2017

Pivotal game !

We are in 7th position on the ladder with Footscray in 4th just 4 points ahead of us. Percentages are almost identical, so, with a reasonable win, we could jump ahead of them on percentage and into 4th spot if Casey and Richmond lose this weekend.

Go Bombers. The last ancestral home game this season. Be there.

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B: 28. M. Brown, 49. M. Dea, 14. J. Ridley
HB: 27. M. Redman, 50. J. Ferry, 59. A. Heppell
C: 54. N. O’Brien, 39. H. Hocking, 5. B. Stanton
HF: 34. J. Long, 51. A. Boyse, 19. K. Mutch
F: 37. D. Clarke, 38. S. Draper, 63. M. Darby

R: 44. S. McKernan, 30. K. Langford, 57. N. Hind

Int: 64. C. Lill, 62. M. Luxford, 65. B. Graham, 70. A. Carr, 25. A. Morgan, 55. D. Younan, 56. J. PETERS, 71. J. Cornell

23P: 72. J. Ottavi

In: M. Dea, J. Ottavi, M. Brown, J. PETERS, J. Cornell, B. Stanton, J. Ferry, C. Lill, A. Carr

Out: M. Hartley, J. Begley, A. Francis, C. Bird, L. Davis


St Francis died so we could beat Box Hill :frowning:

Howlett not named, presumably travelling to Queensland.

Colyer not in either team.


Looks like Howlett will travel to GC?


B: 32. K. Collins, 18. F. Roberts, 28. J. Prudden
HB: 30. F. Greene, 40. N. Mullenger-Mchugh, 19. L. Webb
C: 14. C. Smith, 5. M. Boyd, 3. M. Wallis
HF: 61. L. Nash, 53. B. Gowers, 27. P. Lipinski
F: 15. T. Campbell, 17. T. Boyd, 22. M. Honeychurch

R: 44. T. English, 45. T. Tweedie, 26. D. Hamilton

Int: 63. N. Ryan, 54. N. Jamieson, 51. L. Dalgleish, 56. W. Hayes, 60. A. Tashevski-Beckwith, 73. T. Short, 55. A. Greenwood, 68. A. Barry

23P: 70. J. Smith

In: T. Campbell, L. Webb, T. Tweedie, M. Honeychurch, T. Boyd, M. Wallis, C. Smith

Out: J. Dunkley, M. Goodyear, N. De Steiger

Good news is the Footscray website is advertising an entry price of $10 — that should keep most of those dogs away.

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Colyer being rested then


Lukas Webb watch please.

Pity, I was looking forward to seeing how he went in the VFL.

Going to be a very interesting team thread next week if the AFL side win this weekend.

Yeah, a Colyer game like the five goal haul versus Richmond VFL a few years back would have been very handy.

That’s a fairly strong Doggies team

Dalgleish to kick 5.

Loss of Hartley hurts, they have a few very big guys (and Million Dollar Baby as well).

If Umpire #5 turns up he won’t leave Windy Hill in one piece.

Tom Boyd watch just to see what it is that a bloke on $1.2m a year can do

Dont know what he was drinking in October 2016, but still playing VFL in round 22 2017 is a very long premiership hangover.

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At the quarter time huddle after Tom Boyd kicks 3 first quarter goals . , “Welcome back after your injuries Mitch, now go down back and stop Tom Boyd for the rest of the game”.

Its not going to be a walk in the park.

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Carr, Cornell, and Lill are on the VFL releases list.

That leaves one more mystery player to be excluded.

Are dogs allowed at windy hill? Please no dad jokes…

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Yes, on a lead.

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Thanks Hoffy!

This weekend, only the canine variant thereof.

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