Round 2 2017 Non Essendon Games

Richmond vs Collingwood
Bulldogs vs Swans
Hawthorn vs Adelaide
West Coast vs St Kilda
Scott Brothers Derby of Whining
Melbourne vs ■■■■ Carlton
Port vs Freo

I’d love Geelong to lose to North. All North have to do is put a hard tag on Dangerfield.


I kinda want melbourne to lose to fark carlton.


Have to go for Richmond. Let tigers fans get ahead of themselves

Pies play Tigers, then Swans, then Saints

They could be 0-4 when we meet them on Anzac Day.

Alternatively we could be 4-0 and another win could end Buckleys career.

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We’ll lose regardless.

Essington showing up on ANZAC day is a yearly custom


Hawks v Crows will be a great game. Adelaide looked awesome in thumping GWS, whilst the Hawks on the rebound with Hodge returning will be smarting. I expect a real tough contest. If Adelaide win they that puts Hawthorn in a 0-2 hole with Gold Coast (A), Geelong, West Coast (H), St.Kilda and Melbourne to come. 0-2 could easily turn into 2-5 and hard for them to mount a serious push…

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Sydney will have to lift 2x gears from the Port performance or they can look forward to being 0-2.

haha this.

nah, screw Norf and the shyteboner spirit.

I’d like to see people who keep carrying on about Essington to be pushed back and re-f**ked.

When we reach success, I’d like to say “you cts can go fk yourselves with the rough end of a pineapple!”


Well that’s an uncomfortable prospect

Fully expecting the Tigers to come crashing back to earth tonight.

EDIT: Damn it!

I’m actually going for the Filth tonight, hate the Tuggers more than nearly every other club

Cox out everyone


Nil all draw would be perfect.

Fark em both.

Nah mate, you can’t go for Collingwood.

Richmond win and they inflate their season before it falls apart around Round 10.

Collingwood lose and they have another coach under pressure scenario.

Plus Dimma!

Both teams were ordinary last week, Dogs were poor, but won anyway. Richmond had some really bad periods against carlton where they were scored heavily against. I have no idea who will win and I hate both clubs.

■■■■■■ hell, that bloke who did the coin toss looked like Simon Madden. I was worried for a second, he had a Tigers scarf.

That new yellow on the Richmond shirt.

My eye’s the goggles do nothing


Hear farkin hear