Round 2- Brisbane Versus Essendon

Glad to see Luke Darcy thinks Fagan coaches Essendon

Brisbane Banner: ‘Take the engines out of the Bombers’.


Yeah, the ■■■■■■ crack smoker.

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prediction 36 points win…us


I’m a bit apprehensive about this game after reading Shaw’s insights, or really because he tipped us by only a point.
Should smash them, surely!

Let’s crush these bastards, à la Melbourne 2013

Halal Snack Pack + Beer + Footy.

Saturday night perfection.

Now no essington plz.

Its OK to make footy fun, but sometimes its a grind, I hope our boys are ready to win in a grind, if it comes to that.

pls no Essington tonight


Ground under players feet is getting chewed up easily.

Anyone there?

I just don’t want any ground related injuries. For either side.


Hepp, 2 from 2 at the toss.

Bobcat looks ripped.

Hope he straightens up in a hurry. He’s got a footy match to play.


Zaka to JOE, good stuff.

Good sharp start

zaka to Dan,

1st goal.