Round 20 vs Nth Ballarat @ Eureka Stadium - 2:30pm Saturday 20th August

Saturday 20th August, 2016
Eureka Stadium, 2:30 PM

14. J Ashby
68. J Ferry
77. J Freezer

53. J Simpkin
56. S Michael
57. B McNiece

38. N Kommer
59. A Heppell
83. N Hind

41. W Hams
67. J Langford
60. S Heavyside

54. S Grimley
19. S Edwards

52. M Jamar
50. J Polkinghorne
62. D Coghlan

27. M Redman
75. A Mcleod
35. Y Eades
76. N Holmes
61. A Boyse
82. B Dobson
37. G Nyuon
46. T Wallis

70. A Marklew

Boyse three goals on debut kicked out immediately by a Langford and Grimley?

Also named in senior squad: Redman Jamar Grimley

Where’s Hurley?

Also named in senior squad: Redman Jamar Grimley

And Simpkin

Also named in senior squad: Redman Jamar Grimley

And Simpkin

Simpkin, eh?

Grima’s lived up to early expectation. Out on the paddock, what, 5 or 6 times?

Check out the Charles Lill story on EFC website .

Nick Hind playing in his hometown in front of plenty of friends and family, expect an improvement on last week’s debut game.

One more spot to fill in the senior side plus the carry-over emergency.

I’m thinking Jamar for seniors, and Redman carry-over emergency.

Redman better get to play seniors in the last round then!

I work a block away from the Northern Oval. Finish at lunch time tomorrow. Might go and have a look at McCluggage. Then watch the VFL.

Can’t wait for the end of the Olympics yawn fest so that 7 put the VFL back on.

If your coming to the game, pack your thermals, beanie, gloves, coats, blankets etc. it is f*cking cold in Ballarat.

Any streams today?

Not on TV I’m guessing?

Anyone listening today? I’ve just popped the radio stream on, scores not said yet.

Ess 3.1
NB 0.1

Essendon 3.1 19 to NB 0.1 1

In the first

Wallis goals