Round 21 Non-Essington Games

FRANKLIN! is playing tomorrow against Fremantle. I’m quite looking forward to it.

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Sydney/Freo would have to be the least appealing match on the fixture.


Port v Pies would be my pick for least appealing.

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Go the ghouls, the shockers, the scum and the filth, and the schoolgirl burners.

Of the games that matter and could go either way I will be cheering hard for GWS, Cats, St K & Port.

Less appealing than Brisbane V GC You’re out of your Vulkan mind, Spock.

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Who do geelong play in the prime time game tonight?

Nobody. They play tomorrow 2:10pm at Shell Stadium.

Haven’t you heard all about how upset all the Tiges fans are?!!! :joy: Fark em.

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St Kilda vs Dees will be the one im most interested in, going for Saints as think that will be best chance of us making the 8 (if we drop one)

Weagles hosting fark Carlton significant for us if they get a % boost. Reeks of the old hometown heroes smoking a visiting team josh kennedy with a lazy 8 goals game.

You mean dwarf ■■■■■■■?

The pineapple cup? It’s must see!

I thought it was for the Mango Plate?

Mango Medallion

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Speaking of mangoes, I purchased the biggest R2E2 mango I had ever seen from a friendly shopkeep running a mango racket out the back of his van when last in Port Douglas. It was so big I nearly had to pause for a breather. It was very nice.

Apparently crappy weather in Perth this weekend so hopefully FCFC can put up a fight

Crappy? Our winters are comparable to a Victorian summer. Having said that, up to 25mm is expected.

They do a lot of things down there…

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It was a tongue in cheek comment because I am sick to death of those ■■■■■■ having every Friday and Saturday game.

Being subjected to the selwoods flopping all over the place for 4 quarters and Dangerfield updates every 2 minutes is enough to make you sick.

Anyway, GWS will wipe the floor with the dogs tonight.

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Why would you cheer for Geelong and Port?

It would be better for us if both lose, especially if we win all of our remaining games

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