Round 22 2022 Non Essendon Games

What needs to happen to ■■■■ ■■■■ Carlton go that!

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Starting with St Kilda dicking the bears tonight

Hope someone knocks cripps the ■■■■ out


It’s hard to get excited about St Kilda and the Lions on a Friday night…

Saints would have to be one of the most beige teams in the competition. We’re not far behind though.


Saints are more Essington than Essington sometimes.

The gap between their best and their worst is cavernous.

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You can currently do this if you:
have both feet off the ground
eyes on the ball
make no attempt to touch the ball


Think im going to enjoy brissy belting the saints

And help FC.

Cool your jets ■■■■ carlton lover


I think Carlton wont make it regardless dogs and tigers will take 7th and 8th

As long as Daniwho kicks 0.6 and is dragged, I don’t care too much who wins.

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■■■■ off Joe

Great crowd.

Looks like a 4:40pm North vs GWS crowd…

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jeez all the makings of a blockbuster so far

Well contested Joe

I’m about 3 mins more of this away from muting commentary and playing benny hill theme instead.

McInerny with a shocking turn over and Saints goal through Higgins.

Fair hoof by Higgins

McCluggage was never kicking that


Imagine the ■■■■ he’d be copping from us on Blitz with that attempt at goal.

Great grab Cameron