Round 3 2021 Non Essendon Games and MAFS chat

Imagine he and Harvey awkward

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Melbourne have Choco Williams helping with developing players reckon Ross could do the same with us

Did you catch what he accidentally called the Suns? :joy:

No, missed it. Do tell.

Yeah I like Ross knows the game very well

Very big in defensive side of the game aswell which we are in clear need of

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You folk might be looking for the Coaching thread.

This isn’t it.

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C’mon Suns win the clearance again and push the ball forward

Weller moved into the middle

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We need to give B.S.D Mod powers for the Non ESS thread.
He’d clean things up in here.


Much quicker movement and pushing it forward keep doing that suns

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Gold :rofl::rofl:

And Kingy gets them back into it.

Good start from the GCKids.

Gee he’s got a sweet kicking action, …

Good move placing Weller in the middle out of the forward line that was their deficiency

K-ROCK this, K-ROCK that, you don’t want that.


We need a cleaner.
Like The Wolf from Pulp Fiction.


Game is ON!!

Didn’t he have a twitter fight with Kyrgios?

I did not unfortunately

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