Round 3 2022 Non Essendon Games

Can someone please rip that diving blonde tip rats head off.
Lol buddy dirty that the advantage was paid to heywoods goal

Zero atmosphere.

Well it is a Footscray home game.

Who are basically Norf but with a hoop of red.

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North Melbourne and Footscray you say?



And a recentish premiership.

■■■■■■■ hell the was 6 years ago now.

The Swans foot skills a bit off. They take risks, play through corridor and if you turn it over coming out of D50 up the middle you pay a price. Lucky to only be 14 points down. Could be more based on general play…

Thought I’d you were spun 360 in a tackle now it was HTB???
Buddy did 720

Buddy is finished

English has been good this year.

The Dogs get such an armchair ride with the umps.



Dogs have Essendon goal kicking yips

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Yeah. He’s in the Fat Elvis stage of his career. Can still belt out a tune every now and then but he’s well and truly past his best.

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Bugger me Footscray get alot of frees around goal

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Nah. There used to be an unofficial measurement (which I think was only used by commentators) that if you were spun 360 that counted as prior, therefore failing to dispose was htb. However there’s nothing codified. These days if you didn’t have prior before being tackled, it doesn’t matter how many degrees you’re spun.

I thought they were crapping on in round 1 how the new rule meant you were pinged if spun 360. Something to do with stopping the tackle going on too long and hurting the player

For what I thought was going to be a decent game, this one is fkn terrible.

IIRC they were talking about how they were going to crack down on time wasting wrt players letting each other up after a contest, returning the ball faster etc. Of course it would be good if umps were faster with the whistle; earlier calling for a ballup\htb would help players not get injured, but I don’t think they mentioned adding being spun 360 to the list of things that constitute prior. What the ump should have done is: Franklin had no prior before being tackled>Franklin has been spun 360 without disposing of it>Ballup.

Collective score of 4.11. Maybe we’re not the only ones who can’t kick straight at Marvel.

Loving that the Swans are still on that solitary goal just a couple of minutes before Half Time.

Not going to take too much pleasure though. That will so very easily be us tomorrow night or not too far into the future…