Round 4 2020 Non Essendon Games - Holding back the C word

Bin Chickens and Doggies kick the round of on Thursday.

Wouldnt mind the Giants shutting Collingwood up.

I give the Saints a chance against the Tigers

GC should win again.


Heres hoping gws smash collingwood

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Port v Whinge Coast up at Metricon will be very interesting. Will the Eagles mail it in again and decide it’s all too much for them? How will Port go against team that was touted as a premiership threat?

This sentence has never been said/typed by anyone else in history



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Who I want to win…

Sydney…prob won’t make the 8 anyway, and I haven’t forgiven the Bulldogs for kicking 21 in a row.

GWS…do I need to say why ?

Port…handy to get a gap on the WCE.

St.Kilda…had enough of The Tiger Army


Gold Coast…why not ?

Adelaide…won’t happen though, they look awful at present.

Melbourne…f*ck Chris Scott

NM…Hawks are kidding themselves with that list profile !

Weren’t they 3-0 or 2-1 last year?? (They’re 10 times better this year buuuuut…)

My tipping was poor last week only 3.

dont have much confidence this week

Sydney over dogs, mainly because winning form over North.
Giants to upset Pies, dependent on them getting some stars back.
Maybe pies will want to make a statement after prelim loss.
Port - on a roll, but wouldnt be surprised if eagles won.
Tigers - saints dissapointed last week so have jumped off.
Suns on a roll
Lions against crows enuf said.
Cats bounce back against dees
Hawks…still hoping they fall off the cliff(oldest list in comp must be close to the edge). possibly game of round against North, after Essendon Blues which is destined to be close.

So Collingwood may be going into the WA hub shortly. I’d say they’d need to bank the win this week but they do travel well. When they rarely do.

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nice to see the Pies travel.

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May finally play their proper Interstate quota for once.

Thankyou Covid.

See I don’t see this as travelling. They will be staying in and playing at the same MCG sized ground for several weeks. Even when they travel they get the good end of the stick.

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Surely Freo wins this right? GC can’t keep this up.

Hmm, doesn’t think travelling is travelling. .:thinking:

Interesting concept.

WA are letting in the boo-ers. Only.

It’ll be an away game in the most important way.


3-1 I think. But all narrow wins. I agree they’re much better this year. I still think they’ll fade a bit throughout the year, but the short qtrs might be a blessing for their young squad.

I still reckon this group is their last hope. If they’re back/still at the bottom in 5 or 6 years and half of the current group of gun youngsters have gone elsewhere then it’s time to shut the doors.


Oh yeah there’s a game tonight

Probably Richmond again?

Doggies and Bin Chickens

What will the TIGER ARMY do without another prime time game?