Round 4 2023 Non Essendon Games

Melb 1000 WCE 11

Apart from the Lions losing about 5 players due to COVID last year when we played them, have we ever got to play a team when they have been substantially smashed by injuries and at their lowest point?

What a great couple of weeks to play West Coast. And of course they are playing Melbourne… who really need that extra bit of luck to beat them. Not.

They were dropping like flies in that game, it was a horror show for them.

Joe Daniher needs to stop slicking his hair back


Fark the Pies.

Fark Joe.


You left out the other one, I know they are not playing, but if you are going to use that phrase you have to include them.



1000 apologies. Had a massive day at work.

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MORE Sarah Jones please

■■■■ me they’re a direct football team


I hate Brisbane, but it’d be lovely for the Klan to get the smug smacked out of ‘em.

Mitchell just goes the 2 v 1 in the corridor and it comes off

McRae has backed them in to just take the risk

Great mark AJ though.

and the most important one

Saad and Carlton

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Pies forwards making a contest of everything

theres such a controlled chaos to collingwoods ball movement when they’re on

The pies cockiness will bring them down eventually. But probably not tonight

are you seeing clearys spread?

Ducked. Holding the prune. Surely.

Surely Collingwood cannot maintain this pace for 23 rounds plus finals?

umpire helping collingwood there?

Lucky it’s a free, should have let it go through.