Round 4 • Port Melbourne v Essendon Sunday 17 April 2022 • 2:10 PM (GMT+10)

Not sure if suspended.
He has a medium term injury, so we wont see him till mid season anyway.

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Okay, thanks. I had missed the news about his injury but I thought he got reported again in the VFL last week.

Ben Jolly, emergency??

That’s what happens when you draft 4 talls in one draft.

I thought 2 of the 3 games were pretty close?

Without clicking on that Link I assume the Port team is full of tradies.
Lots of references to “builder versions”.


This is the VFL feature game on Channel 7 tomorrow


Only in Vic though.

Awesome. Assume this means we get some decent commentary.
That Demons game was atrocious, however what I saw/heard last week seemed a significant improvement

You can always stream it on 7plus

Merrett, Langford, Snelling, and to a lesser extent Stringer out have pulled the midfield depth into the ones.

It’s not complete doom and gloom. We’re getting games into Martin, and Hobbs now, not to mention more games into Durham, Cox and Perkins.

But yes, a few more actual mids wouldn’t go astray.


Beautiful day here at Port Melbourne


Did I miss something re team selection but Harry Jones is playing today.

This is good


You did. They said during the week he’d play minutes if he got through a final fitness test.
Won’t play the whole game but it’s a great sign


Saw Fletcher in the first shot of the broadcast.

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Tippa aint in good shape.

That gut is weeks off AFL level.

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Commentary can identify two Hirds but zero @Paul_Cousins.

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Jones lovely contested mark in the forward pocket.

The kick is less good.

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Beautiful chain forward, but another bloody Wanganeen misses the snap from 10 out left of screen.