Round 5 2020 Non Essendon Games - No entry for you TIGER ARMY!

Richmond refused entry to QLD.

Could be changed to

Eagles vs Bin Chickens
TIGER ARMY vs Melbourne

Or play a game short again.

I thought teams had forfeit if they can’t play thier scheduled game?


I’m surprised the aFL haven’t used this to give Richmond another MCG game.

bit hard when the state says no.

Just shuffled the fixture.

Anyone know what happened to the scratch match against Carlton .there’s nothing published

Fark Carlton put some photos out. There is video of a Cahill goal in his thread.

Nobody really thinks this season is ever going to finish do they?

Not with you grotty Vics unable to wash your damn hands.

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I actually would have preferred us to play Melbourne this week (get the game out of the way) and then Collingwood after.

But that’s too much shuffling I suppose.

where is everyone?

Where they should be… in iso.

Backed the Saints tonight. Don’t rate Carlton at all. Impressive start for Brett Ratten against his old mob.

Saints 2.1.13
Fark Carlton 0.0.0

This should be an ok game to watch tonight …

Ugh, … Manure on the ABC B/Cast, … :nauseated_face:

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Aints all over them to start

This thing where the saints forwards run at the player with the ball and then catch it is ■■■■■■■ stupid. How can you lay tackles and apply pressure if you have the ball?


Yeah, likewise.

Reckon it should be close though, … even though it’s not looking that way atm…

This Ratten guy looks like he can coach

Ohhhh Eddie!!

Good bloke too.