Round 5 Non-Essington Games

Who’s playing?..

Not your love child, Franklin. He has been missing since the preseason. Nowhere to be found. :grin:

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You’d kill to go missing like that.

Where’s @MarngrookFootyShow?

Bris v Coll (Gabba)
WCE v Port (OS)
GWS v Freo (UNSW)
Melb v StK (MCG)
Rich v Syd (MS)
WB v Carl (MS)
Adel v GC (AO)
Haw v Geel (MCG)

A really good round for the neutral. Looking forward to tomorrow to see how the Lions rebound after getting slapped by us. Lots riding on Dees v Saints and Tigers v Swans, and of course Easter Monday Hawks and the Cats is always a classic.

That’s you with the red bandana on, isn’t it, Digs?

I’m the one spewing up in the background.


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Playing sh-t so Collingwood can get him on the cheap.

I’d prefer that the Dawks trade away years of draft picks to land him. :wink:

I reckon the Lions will get over the Pies tomorrow. First sell out in years at the Gabba, want to bounce back after last week, want to stick it to Beams. They will come out firing and take it by 14 points. Book it.

Lions aren’t that good. Pies will smash em

I honestly still dont rate Collingwood outside of Grundy and DeGoey.

Take out those two and they fall away dramatically

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Multi it with Melbourne over Richmond and I reckon that is a tasty punt.

Treloar, Beams, Pendles, Stephenson, Elliot, Adams

Fall away hugely


More downhill skiers than a nordic winter Olympic team.

All looked like ■■■■■■■ superstars 5 goals up in the GF. Didnt see much of them after about halfway through Q2

I switched on Channel 7 to see what the score was - realise now it’s Wednesday.


I’d take any and all of them in a heartbeat. Better than the majority of the players on our list.

Im just glad you didn’t mention Sidebottom :smiley:

Yeah he’s fkg garbage :wink: