Round 5 Ramblings

St kilda sitting on guess who no spare man in the back line …lol

It’s going to be funny watching Carlton adjust to playing a footy team that’s actually shown up

Definite Essington hangover.

Saints will roll them, Carlton haven’t had any pressure footy experience in the last few weeks

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Bruce McAvaney needs to be put out to pasture.

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Saints actually look good

Saints have gone past us AGAIN

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Yep we took 5 inside fifty marks for the game last week, saints have 6 already


Just thinking that. Look skilled and structured. Calm under pressure, no blind hoofs.

it’s funny how a team can work out a game plan in one pre season isn’t it…

I’m shocked saints players haven’t said in the media it’ll take time to gel, reference to learnings, and it won’t be perfect round 1


Richmond did the same in 2017

It’s not difficult to have a gameplan for FC. Tag Cripps and man up the loose man in defence (docherty). It’s amazing that we did none of that.

we love a HB destroying us

wait until johannison next week

I thought Langford tagged Cripps?

And Moore tomorrow night.
He will run around without a man all night cleaning up our forward bombs

Brett Ratten meant to be a psycho behind closed doors have heard from former Blues players.

But demanding style perhaps works and he spent time under Clarko also who wrote the book on it.

Saints recruits over past few years have been good For them this season too albeit Jones is out tonight

Very good ruckman. And complement of inside and outside mids has them well on top right now.

We lost to these flogs last week. We are pathetic.

So we have TWO threads for other Round 5 games to post in now?

Cool. How efficient… :no_mouth:

Not enough players who are hungry for success just happy to collect their pay packet massive changes to the playing list at seasons end if we fail again.

Rutten needs to hit them between the eyes anyone who doesn’t want to be here can ■■■■ off to another club