Round 6, Non Esssendon Games

actually the worst umpire ever. how do you play incorrect disposal when he kicks it?

Gave away a free for a clumsy high tackle on Marshall, deep in the GWS forward line.

Membrey breaks through the 50m arc and chips a kick over the top to Higgins who runs into the open goal, with not a Giant in sight. Even he couldn’t miss from the goal line.

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Saints just completely out working them

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That was Essington like coast to coast

Hill marks nice

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Just warming up before he’s our 2023 CHF

Geez how do they let Hill mark that.
McKenzie didn’t even try

Hill takes a contested mark in front of 2 taller Saints defenders. Snaps around the body for the goal. Should never have been able to take the mark.

Bobby Hill at CHF in 2023

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He’s fkn done it again.

Jack Higgins is in my top 3 least liked footballers

retire this ■■■■ clear CTE smooth brain

That’s BT you’re talking about yeah

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Pretty shaky start for Bruhn

Happy ANZAC Day Eve Eve Eve, everyone.


Id take Sam Taylor in a heartbeat

You could build a defence around him

His disposal is pretty poor always IMO

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2MP would kick 10 a week if he was paid frees like that

Sam “Capper Shorts” Taylor.
:thinking: Yeah perhaps perhaps perhaps.

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