Round 6, Non Esssendon Games

GWS V Saints.

Go Sainters.

2 early frees to Saints.
Marshall held in a ruck contest, dobs the gimme in emphatic fashion from not far out.

Come on saints, do it for Hirdy

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Come on GWS do it for Hirdy


Dangerous tackle huh?

mollison is the worst umpire ever

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McClaren has him covered

So much Anzac spirit I had to turn over, has the game started? Go Toby, vs AFL


Absolute rubbish decision.

He just has no idea. That was a shocking decision.

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The rule needs to be abolished absolutely pathetic it’s part of sport to demonstrate

GWS look very ordinary so far.

Fkn lol Higgins

5 frees against for bs id be flat too

Higgins marks 15 m out, slight angle, tries to kick the cover off the ball and misses. Shocking kick.

Hill watch

Retrieve that from the car park.

Saints flex goal celebration is lame

I see the Saints players do the muscle pose after each goal…getting ahead of themselves it’s only round 6

Small forwards hey, pretty important.