Round 7 v Footascray @ Windy Hill - 12pm Sunday 22nd May

VFL Twitter account says Hams 38 disposals, HepA 34, Edwards 29, Merrett 27

Heppell seemed everywhere from radio call. Francis worked into it second half after a slow start. Eades sounded busy 3rd qtr but barely heard his name in the last. Edwards involved a lot in our scoring moves. Sound about right DJR?

Eades gone near it, DJR?
Only in a ten minute burst after the fight.


12.9.81 loss to 15.10.100

Thanks DJR and Co.

The last three quarters was two against the wind and we conceded only 7 points. Losing 12 with the wind up front, argh.

I think we finished with 19 fit men, four down.


81-99 at 29 minutes, as a chip from fifty sails through.

Lost this in the first quarter.


Eades gone near it, DJR?

Everyone is committed ahead of the ball, fair enough given the circumstances, and it goes the other way. Oh well.


But he does an Ashby and one of our last chances is thwarted.

I suspect umpires will kill it.

Ashby desparate in scramble, throws head into knees.

The Angel Francis flies high but only gets one hand to it. Damn.

New username: FRANCIS2HURLEY2017FLAG

So he’s kicking it backwards then?

I want HeppA in the rookie draft, more then I want the number 1 pick in the national draft. :stuck_out_tongue:

Francis forward. Long refuses to kick to him (delist) but centres to Kommer. He misses, gets a replacement kick for a hit, and misses again.

St Francis marks forty out. He will show us the way!!!