Round 8 2022 Non Essendon Games



ANNOUNCE KNIGHTS - Simpons in protocols and Knights to coach the Weagles.

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Brisbane could legitimately beat them by 150+ points.

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They are only paying $4 for 100+

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you just know knightas gonna win and begin the end of fagens career

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Wow, Eagles only have 22 players to choose from. Could be 200 point belting. AFL needs to change the rules. Even though I hate WC, this is fundamentally unfair.


100% agree. It’s a joke.

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Didn’t we line up for a game when knights was coach and we had 22 fit players only? I’m thinking of that game vs st kilda where we had the likes of john Williams and rhys magin playing and we lost by 100+

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Also… eagles won’t have a medical sub?

Knights coaching 🫢. I would watch if it was on at a better time

Fark the Eagles…I hope that they lose by 200 points.

That would be glorious.


Lol someone got alittle carried away

They have access to top ups from the WAFL, already had to use some in games this year

300+ points?

Fk me, that’s a solid first innings at the Gabba, let alone a footy score.


The record is 190 so even the odds for 200 are waaaaaaaaaaaay unders.

I’ve put a couple of $ on 150+ margin.

At $34, and a team that just rolled Sydney on their home deck, don’t think it is without a chance. They won’t want a situation like last year where a home final is dependent on a last round result, so they’ll go full bore for percentage too.

What was the biggest loss our top up team had?

  1. We had two worse in 2015.
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That’s sad.

Probably should have been 3 or 4. Geelong (up by 80 points early in the last quarter) and the Bulldogs (70 points up at 3/4 time) that year could have done us by >100 points, but took the foot off towards the end of respective games.

Oh yeah, nobody at the top end of the ladder took us seriously. The hawks beat us by a hundred because they were the hawks. In 2015, we were a real AFL team.