Round 8 2023 Non Essendon Games

Carlton are the favourites tonight.

7 of what?


Its difficult to take you seriously with that Avatar.
Sadly, you will be proven correct here.
Tonight has Lions stink performance written all over it.
Expect Joe to play like busted hack as well !


I’d hate that. But at least it FarkCarlton win, I hope they injure a few Lions players (not badly injure) on their way.

Better :grin:

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Come on Brisbane, there is nothing like a Fark Carlton loss to start the weekend.

Fark Carlton


Pffft nup

Maybe, just maybe, Charlie Cameron really lights it up, hopefully making Saad look foolish in the process, and kicks a big enough bag to get them over the line.

Im thinking 5.
He is in great touch.

24+ is my gut feel.
Coms will have a :sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

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All in brawl with half a dozen suspensions and a few concussions will do tonight. Fark Carlton, and I hope Brisbane do by a whisker.

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At my work we have been arguing all week which Charlie will kick more goals tonight. Everyone bar the bloos supporters reckon the country road song will play more than seeing the double cobra

I hope FC lose after the siren as a result of dodgy umpiring decision.


Love the way you think @Heffsgirl :joy::joy:

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@Stallion mrburnsbenhur.gif

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There’s been an incident at Marvel.

Apparently someone has jumped from level 2


Friend of a friend at the game.

Hence ‘apparently’

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That’s terrible news.

ABC reported about half a hour ago that a woman fell from the upper deck, medics in attendance.