Round 8 2023 Non Essendon Games

Far out

Oh ■■■■


For the record, like the non Essendon game thread being in here even though it seems rude

Oh ■■■■ my bad.

Didn’t even notice, fixed

Not looking good at all apparently

Source: Mate at the ground.

Whispers doing the rounds at the ground the game has been delayed.

Zero confirmation and seems like chinese whispers getting out of hand.

It had been screened with sheets and no one was allowed in that section.
Reportedly it is close to the ground.
It’s puzzling that there does not seem to be an ambulance.

■■■■ off you skid mark of a football club


Carlton will win this and we will play Brisbane on the rebound next week. Nothing surer.

That boxing gloves thing by the Lions is extremely lame

Level 2 is expensive, what a waste.

How do you end up with doors at a footy stadium that players have to duck through?

Seriously if ■■■■ carlton park ever burms down im ■■■■■■■ on the ashes.

■■■■ them all the way off and when they get there ■■■■ them again

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Lions have won the toss.

Was the person who fell ok??

Reading between the lines, it sounds like that would be a serious injury, but hopefully l am wrong.

Mixed reports.

Surely if they died the game would be called off. Anyway, not my business so I’ll leave it alone.

Most “eye witness” reports suggest it was more a jump than a fall