Round 8 Essendon v Footscray @ Whitten Oval, 7pm Friday 9 June 2017

B 49. M Dea 14. J Ridley 20. J Merrett
HB 39. H Hocking 50. J Ferry 41. B McNiece
C 19. K Mutch 30. k Langford 34. J Long
HF 16. J Begley 10. A Francis 27. M Redman
F 51. A Boyse 44. S McKernan 38. S Draper

R 22. M Leuenberger 37. D Clarke 5. B Stanton

Int 62. M Luxford 54. N O’Brien 70. A Carr
55. D Younan 59. A Heppell 25. A Morgan
63. M Darby 57. N Hind

23P 61. W Berry

Wilson Berry is set to debut as the 23rd man, the 19 year old will play half back and wing roles for the Dons.

Key forward Alex Boyse will return after being rested last week. He will be a handy inclusion in front of goals, currently placed fourth in the running for the Frosty Miller Medal with 16 goals.


I know its not won on paper but that’s a damn good looking Vfl side.

We need to beat them by around 20 points to nominally take their spot on the ladder, immediately above us.

(They’ve played one less game than us, but such a win would force them to win the next week just to catch up again.)

The two sides are placed sixth (Footscray) and seventh (Essendon) on the ladder.

Both teams have four wins to their name.

“It’s really important for us to keep our nose in front of that 50/50 ledger,” Corrigan said.

“When you’re sitting around the same mark as the teams you’re playing then obviously it’s almost like an eight point game.

“It’s super important to set up our season going into the bye.”

The Bulldogs are coming off the back of a bye after beating Sandringham by 99 points in round six.

“They are going to be pretty formidable to be honest,” Corrigan said.

“It looked like a pretty good win against Sandringham and we know they are getting some players back.

“No matter what, Footscray have always been tough when we’ve played them previously. They play a similar brand of football to the AFL side.

“They bring that competitive, contested side every week. We’re expecting another really tight and hard contest.

“Hopefully we can come out on top.”

The last time the sides met was in the 2016 semi-final when the Dogs knocked the Bombers out with a 19 point win, the same winning margin they had in their round seven clash.

“For a few of the boys it might be a distant memory but in saying that, the boys bring the same mental application each week irrelevant of what has happened in the past,” Corrigan said.

“For a couple there might hopefully be a little bit of redemption there.”

Alex Boyse will return after being rested last week.

He has booted 16 goals from six games and is currently fourth in the league in the Jim ‘Frosty’ Miller Medal count.

“Boyse had a big workload up until last week so we decided it was a good opportunity to manage him and give him a week off,” he said.

“He has been in super form, so he will come straight back into the side this week for us.”

Footscray’s key forward Mitch Honeychurch has also dominated, named among the best in all five games he has played this season.

He has booted a total of 11 goals and averaged four marks this year.

“He’s a really smart forward on-baller, if he’s not checked closely he can get a hold of you so we have a few options to put back on him,” Corrigan said.

“I’m sure Dan Jordan (VFL Performance Coach) has put a lot of thought into who goes to him because he is a key player for them.”

The game will take place on a Friday night, a rare occasion in the VFL but Corrigan says the side is well prepared and ready for the challenge.

“Coming off a six day break it’s a slightly lighter training week. In terms of what we do, nothing too dissimilar to what it would be normally,” he said.

“Most of our guys have played some night footy along the way so they all know what to expect.”

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Bird afl emerg i suppose but where is Nash?

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Is Ridley a midfielder or KPP? He’s named at full back but I thought he was drafter as a tall mid/utility.

Nash Holmes? In a moonboot, been out for a couple of weeks, will be out for a couple more.

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Thanks for info.

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“He’s a tall half back, capable of playing key position, but long term we see him playing on the wing and even pushing into the midfield” - Adrian Dodoro, probably


He’s going to be the tallest player in our team not called Smack, Loony, or Draper. Is playing his second game of the year. I don’t care if Dodoro once said he was Jesus, he’ll play key back and he’ll like it.

(He actually will like it.)


Any broadcasts?

Gonna pick up some Jim Wong’s Dim Sims on the way. No chips for me.


Either very heavy dew or they’ve done a Moorabbin.

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I can’t see kyle or bird warming up out here

Don’t panic kyle is here warming up now came out later

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Bird is the emergency.

Where can I buy the Jimmy Wong dim sims? I have heard so much
about them.

Still conditions, ground pleasantly spongiform, will be plenty of slip-n-slide.

Scoreboard is readable at night! Must be why this is scheduled as such.

Barkley st footscray, about 200 meters down the road from the ground. same street. go towards the city end. big neon sign- can’t miss it. on the right. the dim sims are the best ‘most of the time’. good luck