Round 8 Essendon v Footscray @ Whitten Oval, 7pm Friday 9 June 2017

QT stats: Goals: Begley, Long Disposals: Merrett 10, Langford 8, Hocking 8


All action down their end early in this quarter; eventually a mark to them at 35.

Binoculars keep fogging up.

Ball gets through by a bee’s protuberance.


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we’re gonna get slaughtered tomorrow night. Thanks @bltn


Good to see Dempsey here necking cans


Begley breaks from front of throw-up pack, long to Smack who curls it from forty. Goal!



Stevey livens up the crowd.

Loony bloodied, sent off.

Langford doing well.

A Long spoil traps it forward.

We desperately need some forward pockets.

And inside fifties.

Geeeeeez. Shocking intercept at our defensive sixty, easy goal for them. Kills any momentum.

See if they can make them out of nothing but the wrapper, … I hear they taste much better than the irrelevant pork vege and spices that make up the ridiculously superfluous filling.


Another slow start by the VFL team

Carr misses easy shot after Smack busted a pack open.

They stuff the escape, Smack stuffs the kick. Point.

Pressure and they panic handball straight to Smack top of the goal square! Bang.

28-47 we’re awake.

NIGHT getting creamed for inside fifties??!??

Centre clearance and Clarke mark on flank but his kick is smothered.