Round 9 Non-Essington Election Weekend Fun Times Extravaganza

D Wilder is also featuring this weekend. Not sure what his record is with fights on election weekends but he’s gonna kill D Breazeale dead by the 8th.

Available on KAYO i believe.

What would you know, Scomo lover?

SInce you insist, one of my work colleagues’ partners works for a modelling agency and she has had a fair bit to do with Jessinta to the point where they actually invited into their home. From what I heard a lot of the rumours and innuendo that has floated around is pretty close to the mark.

Well, from what I’ve heard, you’re a bum.

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This is an extremely strange thing for you to have researched (assuming you didn’t make it up - arguably less strange)

Are you going for North Melbourne, ya bum?

Who are they playing?

What a bum.

Bomb’s a paid up bum.

You can add ‘ya bum’ to just about anything and it works.

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Oh I just saw, ok.

So North Melbourne vs Sydney in Tasmania. Has there been a less significant or interesting game in living memory? They’ll have to pay people to turn up.


“I asked for a sweet potato muffin with my cup of tea, ya bum”.

If that’s the case why don’t we spare ourselves the expense of an election and just have the incumbent Prime Minister call upon the Governor General and ask them to schedule a Sydney vs (team of GG’s choosing) match for Saturday in 3 weeks time.

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Has there been a more significant game ever? The federal election result is riding on the outcome, ya bum.

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You’re an ideas guy Bomb, ya bum.

That bum rolling her eyes is a hawks fan.

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23 posts out of 30something. Mrs Digs ignoring you again or what?


That’s why I get paid the big bucks.

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The Sydney Swans can go FOAD.

The AFL’s darlings.

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