Round 9 Non-Essington Election Weekend Fun Times Extravaganza

Did you know that since 1951, every time a federal election is held on a Saturday and the Sydney Swans/South Melbourne are playing, Labor wins when Sydney do and the LNP wins when they don’t. Without fail since 1951.

So, in honour of our favorite Prime Minister who sadly left us yesterday, anyone who goes for North Melbourne tomorrow is a bum.


Thought Bob Hawke died yesterday, not Howard.


Backing North in, just want to see what happens in here with all the leftie types if ScoMo brings it home!

Sydney will win, regardless.

That is worth voting him in alone.

Won’t happen though Smooth

You’re right.
Mr 18% is still with us.

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What a bum.

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You’re a bum.

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Effing bum.

I mean, you sir, are a bum.

Surprised at how many bums have fronted up so far.

Yeah but also not sure if the world could handle Morrisons ego either.

Whatever the result there is going to be a lot of smugness.

Either than inner city leftie soccer mum smugness or that private school boy smugness.

Soccer mums are hot.

I could make a reference to democracy sausage but I won’t because that would be crass and immature.

Surely all these platinum blonde doctors wives are Liberal voters?

Anymore bums out there?

They vote progressive left but keep it quiet.

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L FRANKLIN! isn’t playing again. This is the longest recovery from a ‘slight’ hamstring strain I have ever seen. It wasn’t even a slight tear.

Almost as good as the late withdrawal 5 weeks in a row when he was at the Hawks. Tipping it isn’t a “hamstring”…

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