Salary Cap Squeeze

I’ve just had a go at estimating Essendon’s salary cap for 2018.

Sorry about the formatting.

Andrew McGrath 190,000.00
Tom Bellchambers 450,000.00
Darcy Parish 220,000.00
Kyle Langford 250,000.00
Devon Smith 400,000.00
Joe Daniher 660,000.00
Zach Merrett 600,000.00
Martin Gleeson| 200,000.00
Brendon Goddard| 700,000.00
Aaron Francis| 175,000.00
David Zaharakis| 500,000.00
Mark Baguley 200,000.00
Orazio Fantasia 400,000.00
Jordan Ridley 90,000.00
Josh Green 120,000.00
Josh Begley 90,000.00
James Stewart 200,000.00
Michael Hurley 600,000.00
Kobe Mutch 90,000.00
Jackson Merrett 260,000.00
Dyson Heppell 750,000.00
Matthew Leuenberger 220,000.00
David Myers 450,000.00
Jordan Houlahan 80,000.00
Jake Stringer 400,000.00
Cale Hooker 600,000.00
Mason Redman 90,000.00
Mitch Brown 90,000.00
Patrick Ambrose 120,000.00
Brandon Zerk-Thatcher 80,000.00
Travis Colyer 300,000.00
Jayden Laverde 200,000.00
Matt Guelfi 90,000.00
Michael Hartley 150,000.00
Dylan Clarke 90,000.00
Adam Saad 300,000.00
Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti 250,000.00
Conor McKenna 275,000.00
Matt Dea 120,000.00

Total 11,050,000.00

So by my calculations we have cleared $1,080,000 in delisting Goddard, Green and Merrett.

Shiel I reckon would be on $800,000, Meaning we have $280,000 for draft picks, extra players.

Where do you think I am right/wrong?

I’ll allow it.

Tell us what you really think, Blitz.

Very generous your honour. I argue that the opening post is merely speculation.


Those figures are senseless…

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Some may say that swapping in Shiel for Goddard, we’re left with some change.

Some may say that.

They would be wrong though.

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Why would you do that to yourself? Why?

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Yeah just rough estimates.

Also not sure what the actual total salary cap is.

Probably all our first year draftees are on the same amount as well and I haven’t allowed for this.

You’ve done a lot work there but the problem is you just made up the numbers.


This is beautiful in its naievity

Please keep it boot, it makes me feel smarter

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Then some (me) maybe underestimating one’s salary next year.

Play on.

Dont mind the premise of the thread but wouldnt it make sense to know what the total salary cap is before you conducted this exercise?

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Absolute waste of time and effort. Everything is a guess.

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Frankly I’m disappointed that it wasn’t Pazza running the numbers.


I like it - something different!

The salary cap is 12.45 mil

Plus also a lot of players would
Have forward or back ended contracts.

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My only fear is who has been running the salary spreadsheet at the club since we let Wally go?


Nonsense on stilts, Your Honour

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Every one of those guesses is exactly right! How the hell?

There’s a good reason why intelligent members of the forum haven’t tried this…which, of course, leaves pazza out.

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