Sam Stosur unappreciation thread


cilic should just go full seppuku, submit to the inevitable.


Only thing that makes sense is he had some kinda not so obvious injury which means he realised he wasn't going to win, hence the emotion...


or that he just got completely spanked, couldn't handle it, and is doing the century old 11th hr injury thing to try and swing momentum...


Possibly, the random outburst of tears before the injury was weird though.

Maybe he just gave in to the fact that Fed is so awesome you can't help but love him.


tears of joy as he realised hed be the man to give fed his 19th



2 Essendon wins, a Federer slam and Game of Thrones back. Now If I could find a Russian ballerina, a pineapple, cowboy hat, a packet of matches and a porcupine it would be the perfect weekend.




Vinnie B has gone ape.


We saw Federer play at the Hopman Cup in January and thought at the time he will have done well if he can get into the 2nd week at the Aust Open. On reflection I was way off. It's like he's 25, not 35. One of the all-time great serving performances. So close to perfection. What a pleasure to watch.


Oh, and Crazy, how would you like your 19th bowl of sh*t served?


35 years old, 36 in 3x weeks. The oldest winner since A Ashe at 32 in 1975.


Crazy is still deciding...


Soft n runny or chunky n gritty?


And cunnilHINGIS won the mixed doubles with J Murray. Martina Hingis!


Didnt lose a set all tournament. This Federer fella could be a decent player.


Champion bloke, and champion player.


Why am I eating sh*t again? I guess I'll take it the same way you've been taking it every week for the past decade. I don't recall ever saying that Roger would do anything other than beat Cilic easily? You were the one that was scared over Berdych. When Roger looks back on his career, he'll know I was the true believer and you were the guy that wet his panties over Berdych.


And was here ever a guy that had such a dream run of opponents that Cillic had to that final? Querry in the semis? You've got to be kidding.


Your first mistake (of many) mistakes was basing form off the Hopman Cup, that's the tournament where they have to play lip service to WA folk. And I'm so glad you're just discovering this Federer bloke.


You wrote Federer off in 2009 you jerkneck. Once again, how would Sir like his bowl of sh*t?