Sanfl rules

In 2016 iirc the sanfl brought in a serious inter change cap (50?) And a last possession out of bounds rule.

I’m interested to hear from our sanfl watches what impact these changes have had on the game.

The last kick out of bounds rule is great IMO. At the very least, it shuts all over how the AFL deals with the boundary.

The cap I have no real feelings on.

I might add the 25 metre penalty is also an area the SANFL>AFL.

Do they have not a 25 and a 50 or just 25. Also are the grounds generally smaller

No difference in ground size generally. And yes, I believe they can pay 50 as well. Gives a bit of measure depending on the severity or otherwise of the transgression.

I can’t see how “running through the protected area” at half back should result in a free ■■■■ on goal.

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Last kick or last touch?

We trialled last touch in NAB about 4 years ago and it was excrutiatingly broken/poor.

“Last clean kick” might be interesting?

Kick or handball without it being touched by another player I believe.

So it can still be spoiled over the line in a amrking contest?

No 50m mate, only 25m penalties

Still a boundary throw in if from a spoil, smother, dropped mark etc.
Free kick paid for list kick or handball that goes OOB without being touched. Not a huge fan of it personally but takes the grey areas out of the equation.
Umpiring is also vastly different, very little HTB calls and they generally let play go on a bit more

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That’s the point really I guess and I like that.

If I put my tin foil hate on though the AFL likes shades of grey and reserving discretion to the umps because it creates discussion during the weeks and gives the umps room to cheat

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Last touch would greatly reduce the work for ruckmen wouldn’t it? How has that affected ruckmen selected etc?

I’m not a huge fan of it because it has now increased congestion in the corridor as players tend to stay inboard more and go down the middle. Have also seen some shockers where players running towards goals and having a shot are penalised for a skewed kick, especially in the wet. We tend to see more weak acts where players will sheppard the ball over the line to get the free when they could of picked the ball up

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Fair enough