I have a lot of stamina.

Ok, no.

But I bet I have better humour!



Are they ever going to release something for the public to use?


The power of fleets of these (kind of) things is going to be immense.


I wonder if we’ll have sporting robots one day? Where it’s the tech of a “club” that wins them the flag.

expect blitz with… Adrian Dodoro 3rd - turning A34x backdroids into XWS-midbots since 2055


I’m thinking huge numbers. Imagine, a cloud of 5 million drones. 1000 submarines. That kinda thing.


And Peter Dutton has just cracked a Ballarat.


Nope he is only capable of a Ballan.


Used to be known as a Bacchus Marsh, ie halfway to a Ballarat.


Yep I knew that but there is nothing limp in my Town.

In fact, Dutton is more like a Melton.


You can buy one now, there is an Australian distributor. Not cheap and not long endurance.


Dark Matter Detector Observes Rarest Event Ever Recorded | Researchers announce that they have observed the radioactive decay of xenon-124, which has a half-life of 18 sextillion years.

18 sextillion years = 10^21

I am not waiting around for that to happen again.


I would have said he was more like a Mutton, dressed up as Lamb a Potato.


Reminds me of this.

(Can’t vouch for its accuracy. I’m not a doctor).


a sign of those times


This article is a bit of a worry, A bit of fissile material, a block of polystyrene, light the touch paper and stand back ?. Sounds easy, until you get into the nitty gritty detail.

Building a thermonuclear weapon in the privacy of your own home has never been easier


there was a kid a few years back, probably covered on these boards iirc, who collected hundreds of domestic smoke alarms and gave himself radiation burns whilst trying to create a reactor from the radioactive material.


Have the Federal Police knocked on your door yet?


It’s difficult to knock on a door from a distance far enough away to avoid radiation burns, though.


Remember Y2K and all the fuss that was made of the century rollover ?

Last month the GPS system passed through a rollover that potentially could have killed hundreds of people, had it not been well anticipated and handled ( generally) well by the GPS receiver companies.

Because of the original design of the GPS system this will occur about every 20 years.

The event, known as the WNRO potentially would cause reset of the time to 1999 and all sorts of other crazy times and dates depending on configuration and software.

Some old GPS receivers would definitely malfunction and could not be fixed, so an unaware user could experience some strange effects. Some were effected. Does anyone out there know of any problems caused by this?