Season 2016 - Adelaide


Coach – Don Pyke

Points For – 4th
Points Against – 6th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Patrick Dangerfield
  2. Rory Laird
  3. Eddie Betts
  4. Sam Jacobs
  5. Taylor Walker

2015 Rising Star Noms

Charlie Cameron (round 13)
Jake Lever (Round 17)

Ins – Curtley Hampton, Troy Menzel, Paul Seedsman, Hugh Greenwood, Alex Keath, Wayne Milera, Tom Doedee, Paul Hunter, Jonathon Beech, Hugh Greenwood

Outs – Patrick Dangerfield, Sam Kerridge, Brodie Martin, James Podsiadly, Brent Reilly, Sam Siggins, Matthew Wright, Jack Osborn

My Prediction

Adelaide had a hell of a year last year. Losing their coach in shocking circumstances, they could be forgiven for falling in a heap and giving up. But under Camporeale they seemed to get even better. They bonded together and played some of the best footy of the year running into September. It wasn’t to last but certainly showed they have some talent.

That being said, there is no hiding from the loss of Dangerfield. Absolute champion and by far their best player. It is going to hurt. Their midfield doesn’t bat as deep as you would generally like and losing the best player means the likes of Sloan and the Crouch boys are going to have to do a lot more heavy lifting. Dangerfield changed the direction of games. I don’t think they have anyone left who can do that. They do have a very good ruckman in Jacobs but not much depth if he should get injured.

The forward line is dangerous. If they can get enough supply they Tex will kick goals along wirh Jenkins. Betts and Cameron are great small forwards. The consistency of Betts last year set the benchmark for small forwards.

They are set for tall backs with Talia, Hartigan, Lever and will be hoping Ottens can finally have some luck. They traded for Seedsman who is a very handy player off half back and could worth well with Smith and Laird. They don’t have too many issues in their backline.

Unfortunately for the Crows, I think the loss of Dangerfield is going to hurt a lot this year. I think they can still make the 8 but likely to miss. I think they will be caught amongst a lot of teams fighting for the final spot. 8-10 for mine.

I think they’ll cope with the loss of Dangerfield better than expected. Yes, he is a champ, but the appointment of Don Pyke is a very astute one, and he was somebody I hoped we would at least engage with for the coaching role, but of course we had Worsfold targeted early in the piece and got our man. He was in charge of strategies and stoppages at West Coast, and they arguably had the best full ground defensive tactic seen in a while, so his knowledge of footy has to be up there. There’s still enough about them to be around the finals mark again, lots will rest on Sloane and Tex Walker, and they’d be hoping both the Crouch boys take the next step. 6th-10th.

8th - 4th.
My in-depth analysis.

B: Smith Talia Laird
HB: Seedsman Lever Brown
C: M Crouch Thompson McKay
HF: Lynch Jenkins Menzel
F: Betts Walker Cameron
R : Jacobs Sloane B Crouch
INT: VanBerlo Hartigan Ellis-Yolmen Henderson
EMG: Kelly Hampton Milera

New Recruits/Trades
Milera - given benfti and acemans excitement, not sure how much he will play given crows have Betts/Cameron in team, But he would like to get 8-10 games in this year IMO.
Menzel another creative small forward, who can also push into the midfield thought he was a good player at Blues, he will hope to improve at the Crows, potential for breakout year.
Seedsman - in new colours, at half back WIll crows be able to use his pace, I never rated him that highly at the pies. will be interested how he goes.
Hampton - I Cant seeing him being a first choice in crows team, will need to impress in Preseason or SANFl games I think, but think they will take a longer term view to this pickup, like us with edwards.
Alex Keath the cricketer will be an interesting proposition to see how he goes, effectively a bonus pick for them.

I think Brad Crouch will be the player to most benefit from Dangerfield leaving. People have forgotten how good he was to injury hit last year. Think he will surpass Sloane and Thompson as crows best mid.
M Crouch to improve again.

Their midfield lacks a bit of depth in quality in the second tier.

Other than Dangerfield they lost no one else important last year as they were middling players or past it.
But there are no stars in the replacements - Milera may be a future star, but looking at what Jack martin, pickett (GWS didn’t play) produced in there first years you cant expect him to makeup for loss of dangerfield

Menzel is probably the player to make biggest contribution from the new recruits.

Based on this analysis Crows will struggle to be as competitive as last year - part loss of Dangerfield and part harder draw finishing in the top 8. They still have the potential to win a final if they make it.

Predicted finish 6th - 14th

Who cares?

Predicted finish 1st - 18th

Seedsman aka McGough

Would have to Triple mmm staffers surely or the pay must have been good.

strange breed out at Adelaide.

The fark? Triple M to Danger?

Triple m adelaide has done some weird ■■■■

The fark? Triple M to Danger?

“too direct to danger”??

got nfi what they were saying hahah

The fark? Triple M to Danger?

“too direct to danger”??

got nfi what they were saying hahah

Might have worked better if his name was Will Robinson

Do not enter, Danger

Do not enter, Danger

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