Season 2017 - Hawthorn




You’re keeping us in suspense, @theDJR


B Hartung got delisted?


Ty Vickery has pulled up stumps on his career.

Strange, I thought he had another year left on his contract


Rocky IV will be devastated


I keep a list of their names in a pedant file.


What a “career”


That would make you a pedantfile.


Almost ran over Clarkson yesterday morning in Caroline Springs. The bloke ran out in front of my car. He was most happy, smiling and giving thumbs up to people, for a bloke that almost got killed. Now I know why. Laters Vickery.


Seems a smart move. Negoatiated settlement for final year of his contract over playing VFL all year.

Tigers made out like bandits on that free agent deal. As per Deledio.

Hawks recruiters botched it right up.


Remember all the "Clarkson will turn him around, he’s a genius’ stuff. Or “Richmond fans are going to be furious watching Vickery win a premiership”.


Saw a news report of Jake King being in court for fraud charges today.
Am I wrong or was Vickery’s name tied to this earlier in the year?

Vickery prematurely announces retirement so that he can experience life away from footy.

Announced on a news day where attention is understandably focused elsewhere.





Many fond memories of Richmond “fans” bagging the crap out of him at Punt Road.

Thanks Ty.


Nothing wrong with your memory. Ty called on Jake to provide some debt collection service against his former partner in a restaurant.


King is one of the arseholes that came out of that club, and there are others in there.


Will be interesting whether the AFL let them delist him and take him in the draft as a rookie so his salary remains in next year’s salary cap or whether he has to keep his spot on the senior list.


The answer is: whatever is best for Hawthorn.


Maybe not now Steve Hocking is the man in charge. Not a fan of Lethal or Hawthorn.


Ah the memories - cheers Ty