Season 2017 - Hawthorn


I heard Melbourne said NO.


Maybe he was cheesed that Tassy missed out again - got a women’s team and still no men’s team.


Maybe he was cheesed that Hawks missed out on tassie cash and North got tassie cash for wearing tassie map on womens jumper.


Not on their shorts?


lol how rude (and sexist)!


Eacha heart out Clarko.

As you gut your side in sucessive years, only to watch your former stars continue their careers elsewhere, just hardenup and tryto rebuild afterselling off your future picks on a dud


These flogs actually think its their management style that has achieved the success.

Cant wait to ■■■■ on this mob for the next decade.


It is ridiculous. The guy encouraged Mitchell to go to West Coast - when he would never have considered it - now he’s surprised that Podge goes to Brisbane? Spare me.


l saw a headline from Purple Head in his shifting doors or whatever it is called, bout how if we expect the Dawks to be quiet during this trade period, then we should… but that is as far as l got, l refuse to read that useless ■■■■’s column. Maybe someone else read and can be bothered to enlighten me. Anyway l saw this summary on the AFaiL site…

In: Jarman Impey, picks 43, 68, 75

Out: Luke Hodge, picks 34, 44, 62, 2018 fourth-round pick

Win: Speed

Lose: Not much, considering Hodge was going to retire

2017 draft picks: 43, 68, 75, 81, 99

What couldn’t they get done? An improved draft hand. After trading pick No.33 as part of the Impey trade, the Hawks set about rebuilding their standing in the draft. Billy Hartung didn’t find a new home.

Nathan Schmook’s verdict: Aside from helping champion Luke Hodge make his way to the Lions and securing Jarman Impey early in the Trade Period, the Hawks were happy to put their feet up after the drama of 12 months ago. Briefly linked to Josh Schache and Anthony Miles, the big play many expected never eventuated and they were one of the least active clubs. They’ll enter the draft at pick No.43, a lot earlier than last year.

Rating: 6/10

It made me wonder how they managed to get a 6 / 10. Theories? It looks to me like they were simply treading water, so they should rate no higher than a 5.


Sitting on their posterior doing nothing all trade period would have got them 5.


To digress slightly…trade period is a zero sum game.

So, logically, I believe that any rating system should result in positive and negative scores. And they should net to zero.

But I wouldn’t expect such logic from the sports reporting fraternity.


It’s not zero sum, if only because of copmensation picks, eg brisbane lose Rockliff and gain pick 18, port gain Rockliff and lose nothing, net result: the creation of pick 18 from thin air.

Edit: didn’t mean to dredge up an old conversation. Carry on.


In my belief, every other side that didn’t participate in that free agency trade actually has a cost, because their picks get demoted by that new compensation pick.

So, after the free agency compensation phase, I would have every team that didn’t participate in free agency on a negative number. That is the peverse and illogical nature of the AFL system.

…The only way I can think that trade period is not zero sum, is if you trade say a tall for a small, and both sides win with a better list balance.


There is no difference between pick 19 and 21 or pick 29 or 31. To think otherwise is being hysterical.


Is that legit?

Hilarious if true.
I think the dees have a Weagles guy (former player?) on their board too.
What a joke.


It is true.

He should have just told the FIL he was out of there, she was a dud root and she’d told him the FIL was a dud root too.

No love lost between Essendon and Hawthorn.


The difference may be very small…but there is a difference.


There is only a difference if you are a pedantic person and anyway they are out of touch with reality.


Lucky there’s no pedants around here, then.


This place is full of pedants