Season 2017 - Melbourne






They won the Inside 50 count 64 - 41

Geelong brought the ball in with much better purpose though.
The Demons were bombing it in way too often.
Hogan is often double teamed, and the next tallest target is Pederson.
Tom McDonald would have played forward, and they will miss him terribly I reckon.

They lack at least 1 more fast classy outside user/distributer, and need Weiderman to develop pronto.

I know they were missing Viney also, but if I was basing Melb on what I saw today, I’d rate them no higher than 6th, and possibly even missing the 8 if a couple of injuries hit.


Leaving Frost out was a mistake. Should have picked Brayshaw too.



Gawn getting home last night.



Jordan Lewis to miss 2-3 weeks with a broken hand


The way he’s been going, this can only help them. Looks shot.


Wouldn’t have stopped him from playing well against us though.


This mob still believing their own hype it seems

(Not to say we haven’t been the same at times)


They’re good inside with a half decent ruckman feeding them, but man do they have some holes forward and back.

Everything rests on Hogan up forward, and with no Tom McDonald for assistance, he can’t do it all.
Frost & Oscar McDonald are average at best in defence.
Petracca doesn’t do enough for mine.

If we beat them in Rd.6 (BIG if, I know), I’m gonna say they will miss the 8 again.

Every season, supposedly they are primed for a major jump up the ladder.
It never happens.
Now they have some important players nearing the twilight of their careers, and some others closing in on 30…

Lewis and Vince - 32
Pederson - 31
Jones - 30
Garlett, Jetta & Hibberd - 28


Jones is only 30? Feels like he’s been carrying that midfield for 20 years.


He probably feels 60.

I remember when him and Colin Sylvia used to tear it up.


I think you’ve been Inceptioned


He meant the Bars


Bit of garbage floating around re: Watts and alleged cheating on his missus with prostitutes plus nose beers etc.

Supposed images above floating around in the public domain.

AFL not going to be happy with bad press if the allegations are true.

*Delete if inappropriate, seems to have leaked elsewhere, posting for anyone curious on the scuttlebutt.


now this is how you bump a thread!


Can confirm it wouldn’t be scuttlebutt.

Doesn’t appear as though it’s Jack’s actual messages though. Some douchey mate, since one party asks “is jack ok with us coming”

This should be in the tarps thread however … or not up at all.


You think Jack Watts from Brighton Gramer speaks like that?


I mean, they think Watts plays for melbourne so…