Season 2018 - Brisbane Lions


I like that the Sun(s) is shining in that picture too :wink:



edit: and we’ll still manage to lose to them.


No we won’t.


Brisbanes Best 22

B: Hodge McStay Mayes
HB: Witherden Andrews Berry
C: McLuggage Rich Keays
HF: Christensen Hipwood Bell
F: Cameron Raynor Taylor
R: Martin Beams Zorko
Int: Mathieson, Robinson, Bastinac Cox
Emg: Lester, Walker Robertson

You would probably say lions lack experience given Bastinac is the 3rd most experienced player on their list and Hodge is the only player to have played over 200 games.

Their best 22 is solid. There are holes and question marks but there is plenty of Talent there.
Once injuries hit depth will be tested and with such a young side, when travelling with a few warriors missing they are poentilally in line for some hidings.

Looking at the team with a positive light would make following comments

  • Hodge adds leadership and great teaching to the young defenders (think what McGrath learnt off kelly, well Witherden & Berry will be learning from Hodgey)
  • A full season with a fit Christensen who can spend time in midfield will make them more dynamic.
  • Berry, Keays, McLuggage, Witherden can build on their last season.
  • Hoping Cox can get a few games and show some talent.
  • Rayner could make FF his, but probably expect Walker to give him a chop out/ rest.
  • Cameron will add spark to the forwardline.

Defence looks better than last year with Hodge + the young kids more experienced - Berry & Witherden.
Midfield - was a strength last year but could never get all guns on the park - lost Rockliff - Id like to see Rich spend more time in there as a inside mid. Cameron and Christensen need to spend a little time in there too, plus mcluggage.
Forwardline - should improve based on cameron and fit christensen, Rayner may help as well. Plus hipwood older and more experienced.

So based on that expect Lions to improve. WHo can they finish above - North, Gold Coast maybe Freo/Collingwood

so finish 14th-16th. Improvement. But based on last season 14-18 could be decided in the last round.

with improvement should see them aim to improve into the 8 in the following 2019 season with all the youth and talent, but will need to add some free agents/ trade experienced players in.



I’m surprise they have enough in the budget for Elastoplast.


haha well said. That said, I have watched them last year and this year. They are far improved, and they no longer look like kids but men. The change in maturity from 2016 to late 2017 (saw them just post the draft both times) was astonishing. They’ll surprise a few more teams this year.



@Stallion getting one in early


They will make us earn the win. They are playing well, kicking at goal a bit askew and really let them down against Sydney.


Their endeavour was terrific. Skills were missing at critical moments.


I’m dont thinl we will beat them at all. Last year we played them twice for 1-1 and they were rubbish last year. The second game was well documented but the first game, we were up by 7 goals in the second then lost the lead early in the last before kicking away again.

Actually cant see us beating them. Whatever Fagan is doing up there, he is doing it well


Disagree. It’s playing them in Melbourne that f**ks us. Also, the jury is out on Fagan. Hasn’t been there long but they’re still crap.


Brisbane Lions’ Harris Andrews will be monitored for the next 48 hours after his club revealed he had been admitted to hospital on Saturday night, hours after his knockout against GWS at the Gabba.


You can add another 2 weeks on top of Cameron’s suspension.


it has to be months, you cannot allow that after the head is sacrosanct movement.


Jeremy Cameron don’t make plans for the rest of 2018. Sounds serious. Hopefully he recovers fully, but at the very least the career of young Harris is threatened .


Was thinking the same, … may well end up with 2 months out of this.


The only thing that might save him from 8+ weeks is if Andrews doesn’t have any broken bones. I reckon he will get 6. If he has broken bones , probably 8-9


Iirc Solomon got 8 for the elbow on Ling so you’d expect a similar penalty.


Don’t see them as the same…Cameron made a poor decision late and left his elbow up. Im sure his original plan was to contest the footy, second plan protect himself…Soloman did none of that