Season 2018 - Brisbane Lions


Cameron didnt even try and turn his body, just hit him with the elbow. Need to get 6-8 mininum


The intercept player dropping back into the hole always over the years has been at risk of a big forward trying to clean them up

Cameron I doubt was thinking he would get him in the head but definitely was attempting to go through him.

Had he just got him in the back it would have been 50m penalty for late contact which happens all the time. But because Andrews turned back with flight more opened up to it more and the end result happened.

There is no way Cameron can say he was going for the ball. It was deliberate attempt when realised wasn’t going to get ball to take Andrews out IMO, and unfortunately it did serious damage.


You guys are funny

He’ll get 4 down to 3 or something like that


Probably more similar to May on Martin (even then, not sure May’s intention was ever to contest the ball) but looks worse due to the elbow.


I’d be ok with 4 but think it will be 6


It looked bad, I think he will probably get 4 weeks.


It will be more. Brisbane have confirmed Andrews has suffered ‘bleeding on the brain’. This is AFL worst nightmare stuff so I would expect an example to be made. Will be 5-6 min.

Pretty horrible stuff. Hope he recovers OK.


Always looks sickening when they are unconscious before they hit the turf.


Hope he gets months.


Suspended indefinitely. 2 weeks later sneaks back into the team.


BRISBANE Lions defender Harris Andrews will miss at least the next two AFL games and is being closely monitored after suffering brain bleeding following a sickening hit from Jeremy Cameron.

Andrews was rushed to hospital in the hours following Saturday’s 27-point loss to Greater Western Sydney, having copped an elbow to the chin from Cameron in an incident that caused uproar across the AFL.

He was released on Sunday night, with the Lions confirming he had a “severe” concussion with an associated small bleed on his brain and will be regularly monitored.


So he basically got coward punched right



Even if the AFL wanted to let Cameron off lightly for GWS’s sake they have to stamp out that kind of action.

He’s in all sorts at the tribunal


How is this not worthy of what hall got on staker. Both dog shots


Hall’s was off the ball whilst Cameron’s was in a marking contest,but don’t disagree, both were cowardly


Club and coach trying to mitigate damage/suspension time by crapping on about how tough he plays the game, pfffttt throwing elbows ain’t tough


AFL want/need GWS to make the finals. So Cameron will probably get a $1,000 fine.


Am I the only one who thinks it wasnt as bad as everyone is carrying on about?
Don’t get me wrong I hate the guy and hope he gets a squillion years but…

Andrews was reckless (and brave) in his attempt. I remember J Brown knocking himself out a few times the same way.
Cameron was in the air already when he realised the contact was going to happen.
Players are told to split packs when flying for the ball. Perhaps not with a raised arm but Andrews was flying at him.
I think the damage has been exacerbated by the impact of the head on the ground.

I don’t think it is anywhere near the 6-8 weeks being floated. This was not intentional.

Anyways. Who’s with me!


there’s crashing packs then theres putting your forearm/elbow into someones head.


I think Cameron should get a big suspension and that it was the best thing he could do for his career.

Nobody will be backing back into his space without being super tentative from now on.