Season 2018 - Brisbane Lions


I think BD is just asking everyone to look at the hot women in that picture


Had to click the link to see the context of the photo.
I’m not sure a photo was required…


I just like leopard print. Male, Female or sometimes even on leopards. It’s a cool pattern.


I’ve never really got it. I’m more a black and shiny kind of guy.


That is also a perfectly good choice and my go to in the 80s. I’m currently embracing more colour and will even go as far as dark blue aka “the bruised look”


l saw Shania Twain in concert in Bangkok, over 20 years ago. True story, great show as well.


I don’t remember these shania lyrics?


I like Cam Rayner


If anyone likes a Brownlow roughie. Zorko has cut 50 seconds off his 3000m time when compared to this time last year. They should win more games this year…Can get him at $151. I’ll be having $10 on it just incase


Hi Dayne, welcome to Blitz.


That’s not a bad shout.
He did well 2 years ago, rubbish year last year.


He had a shocking start to the year, got it going a little later in the year.


Yet still won the B and F.