Season 2018 - Brisbane Lions


that dont impress her much.

i have no shame at posting after @wimmera1 because mines funnier,


Sure it is.

I guess her hubby just thought, ‘Man, I feel like a woman.’


the haim cover goes alright.


From this moment on I think she’s much happier


I shall refrain from making a remark about the album title.


Posting ‘private’ pics of people online without their consent is not cool and actually a pretty serious criminal offence these days. Just FYI


what if they are #tastefulnudes ?


Would you post a thread on a football forum if Bob from down the road did it?


15 years ago she was a knockout.

Not so sure now she would be Still The One I run too.


Pretty disappointing stuff in here. Am stunned so many of you are comfortable posting Shania Twain lyrics. I don’t know who any of you are anymore.


Still filthy we didn’t tag him in 2017, despite his ability to break a tag being worse than his ability to lock his social media accounts.


The world getting over her, and Celine Dion doing Vegas for ten years instead of recording.
They were banner days.


You might have crawled over a mile of broken glass to use Shania’s poo as toothpaste. Not sure if I’d do that for Celine.

Well…I am sure, actually.


I wouldn’t.


Cheating on your partner is a dirtbag act. If it was bob down the road I would still think he’s a dirtbag


How can you not like a triple leopard print ensemble?

actually it may even be quintuple or sextuple. I’m goin’ with sextuple.


Wow, this thread took some turn to last century suddenly.

What an enlightened way to speak about women some have.





I know what it is, I just don’t know where it’s being done.
Did you mean AN’s poo remark?
Just say what you mean.