Season 2018 - Collingwood



tears 2 muscles at once…


Guy I worked with tore both hamstrings to shreds in a running race against his brother after he moved back to his folks farm in Warrnambool.
Was pretty funny watching him gobble around at the work Xmas party.

That should say hobble, not gobble
But it’s a funny typo so I’ma leave it


TB4 should fix the hammy quickly


Raising money for surgery?


Sounds like some party.


The office bike huh?


Making the 5th or 6th Pie (Blair, Moore, Elliott, Josh Smith, Varcoe, now Treloar) with a hammie as of right now - ignoring all the ones they had earlier in the year. And Reid’s calf.

Who was it that said we should chase the Pies club doctor for his ground breaking research on treatment of soft tissue injuries? @bomber5au ??


Wonder who they’ll blame this time.
First it was Girvan (weights coach), then it was the chick that took them for yoga/Pilates and I’m pretty sure they got rid of Doveran(sp?)x
Running out of scapegoats.


I’m not sure they can blame anyone bar the scenario

It was very late the game he was running flat stick trying not to fall over after some contact & trying collect bounced ball.

The hammies would have been under immense load and clearly were hence the result. Most players probably would have pinged one in similar circumstances.


Still blows my mind hes done both hammies at the same time.


Smoke screen blown. Unlucky for Treloar. Make plans for 2019, because the rest of this year is shot.


Weren’t they blaming their training surface as well?


Don’t like to see players injured but that sure does help us when we play them after North this week.

They’ll still be without Elliot, Varcoe, Moore etc plus their long term injuries.

Opportunity is there for the Dons! Take it!


Has to be a first in footy.


Really dislike-able bloke is Treloar.
Harsh but he comes across as a real flog.

Interesting this thread got bumped also, some credit as the Pies seemingly leap frogged us in terms of development this year, and I had them bottom 6.

It was much win anyway, but almost should win now.


He torched us on Anzac Day while i don’t like seeing players injured i’m glad we don’t have to worry about him now.

Treloar is the main one that breaks the lines and kicks goals massive blow for the Pies.


On Hird’s podcast he reckons Collingwood are unhappy with how hard their training surface is.


Isn’t that something within their own power to address


l know nothing about him as a person, but as a player, he goes a fair bit better than okay. The injury us a severe one, and he will do well to come back 100 % from it, Lloyd was never quite the same after he did his, as he lost his initial pace off the mark, and Treloar places even more emphasis on pace and his running ability. Buckley had his career cutailled due to ongoing dodgy hamstrings.