Season 2018 - Essendon


Yes same here Grand final sweep i was asked who and by how much / I replied essendon by 9
He said 9 points is already taken
I said not points 9 Goals and would have won except for that bit at the end when Farkcarlton got a couple of cheap goals late


CD can suck my IK


Anyone seen this clip?! Love the song, makes me keen for the season cause I want to sing it!! :joy:


Until we can consistently beat the bottom 4 teams this season, then we can officially say we have turned the corner as a football club.


Milestones Possible this season. ( ex Footy Wire)
150 Hurls(140) Berger (135) Hepp (129)
100 Green (98) TBell (93) Joey (93) Stringer (89) Zerret (81)
50 Saad (48) Fanta (47) Tippa (44) Darcy (40) Brown (40) Hartley (37) Stewart (34) McKenna (33) Langford(31)


That seems like a lot.


Its a good thing if you can get a lot of younger players to 50+ games


Yikes. That scares me.


Surely we wouldn’t actually do that. But it will be interesting to see who goes to a guy like Dangerfield. If there has been a focus on using taggers at training it will be interesting to see if we use one in games this year.


It’s a better thing if you can get a lot of good players to 100 games.

Even better if they have a lot of sons.


2/3 of the time he’s been here he’s either been broken or recovering - just about the definition of list clogging!

His whole career has been a cycle of injury, (slow) comeback trail, back in the side, finally finds form - then another injury.
Taken a list spot. And robbed him of any chance to actually develop.

The 2-3 years he actually had a run at he was good. But still hasn’t paid back the faith


I would send McGrath go to Dangerfield.
Much Happier with a Stringer on Dusty Martin matchup.


A little bit deflating the past few days with medium-long term injuries for Colyer, Mutch and Laverde compounded by Francis being granted personal leave. Whether all 4 are best 22 players right now is immaterial, but they are guys you would want to be up and going and at a minimum providing competition for spots come Round 1. As we’ve seen from the 3 most recent premiers, they have all had strong VFL teams, and having a healthy list is part of that.


They’ve probably assumed a maximum of 22 games (pfttt!) but even that means 44% of players would be in reach of a milestone.

(Yes, I know game tally is not evenly distributed, there are a lot of players on lists who haven’t played 28 games.)


That would be a terrible idea, I reckon. Way to destroy the kid. Bad match up in almost all areas.
I’d have Myers or Langford play loose on Danger. At least they can compete physically, and no one has the burst speed to go with him anyway. Have the mids stay alert and manage him collectively. There is Ablett to deal with, as well as countering Selwood, Duncan & Menengola. In fact, this should probably be a mid-vs-mid setup, and they can try and stop us instead, because if we get it into our 50m, they aren’t going to stop us scoring.


I haven’t seen McGrath fail at anything just yet. I wouldn’t write it off as a possibility.

I did see him fumble in the intraclub. I was shocked.


De-listable offence. Ist strike, written warning, 2nd strike, give him a cardboard box for his stuff and dump him on Melrose Drive.


I would love to see Parish and McGrath in lots of centre bounces this year, will be awesome for their development. It’s going to be tough though, because in our best team there is Merrett, Heppell, Stringer and Smith probably getting most of the minutes.


Darcy Parish stood up in the trenches in the final last year, while other more decorated players fell around him…

We ended up with only 4 less clearances than Sydney, 39-35 But Darcy had the same number of clearances as Josh Kennedy and lead our clearances and contested possessions, recording only 4 less CP than Kennedy, ( who is widely regarded as the root cause of our defeat)

I think Mc Grath will be great at stoppages this year. He will play more outside, but did well on the inside in the intraclub and probably got about 3 clearances from very few opportunities. Gutsy player.


Second season. Was bound to happen