Season 2018 - Essendon


Gotta love facts and data. Cheers.


Your right, McGrath is probably the ideal guy to stop Ablett up forward and in the midfield.


Things like this on the EFC page just gets me excited for the new season.


We will absolutely slaughter sides at times this year. When we break the spirit of a side, there will be blokes lining up for goals left right and centre.


Shows how confident the club is that the saga is over with a picture caption like this.


To be fair (for once, I mean that), the guy failing to catch him there is very fast.


Hind is super quick but Saad doesn’t even look like he’s put the foot down yet.


Not so sure, I’ve heard the original title of the article was going to be “New Don brings the good stuff” but they made a last minute change.


I’m no running coach, but I’m pretty sure he has put a foot down.


Technically its half a foot


He’s got a bit of toe.


I got a kick out of that


He can’t be at top speed with any old foot… it has to be “the” foot.


Thats a single frame. Who is to say Hind is not in the process of catching up ?


ohhh, so you want to be technical. Well sure let’s be technical then… it’s not half a foot it’s 41% of a foot.



Cant believe we will get to see the mighty Bombers in a few hours.

Even if it is that X rubbish


Blitz’s level of interest is a good indication that it is indeed rubbish.

This place is sooooo quiet for what might be considered the first pre-season run against an opposition.

The lead in to the intra-club was much bigger than this.

The lead in to the first JLT will be much bigger than this.

AFLX is just meh.


Yep, the buildup has been non-existent.

I’m still undecided on watching it to be honest.


We were there, remember?